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Precise pathological diagnosis of breast disease is the most critical factor in determining intraductal papilloma squamous metaplasia and establishing prognosis. Intended primarily for pathologists, the book will be an indispensible reference for all surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, as well as other physicians and medical personnel who require a thorough knowledge of intraductal papilloma squamous metaplasia pathology to provide optimal care for their patients.

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Discussions of most disease entities include clinical and radiological presentation, epidemiology, gross pathology, microscopic pathology, treatment, and prognosis. Surgical and oncological aspects of the various diseases are addressed wherever appropriate. Numerous images, a large proportion of which are new, complement the encyclopedic descriptions of the surgical pathology and intraductal papilloma with squamous metaplasia of diseases of the breast.

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Key Features -More than 1, full color images highlight key diagnostic features, including hundreds of new illustrations.

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